Cities That Break The Bank On Valentine’s Day

Last year, we showed you how the world loves on February 14th with a map of Valentine’s Day celebrations. This year, we wanted to make a map of the cities around the world where it will cost you quite the pretty penny to partake in the celebrations. That is to say, we mapped the cost of celebrating Valentine’s Day in 50 cities around the world. The results may make your heart flutter with the thought of that many zeros. So, in which cities will it cost thousands of dollars for a night out on February 14th? On the other hand, where are the cities that will save you nearly three times the cost of an L.A. V-Day? And which countries are in love with expensive holidays? Read on to find out.

View Valentine’s Day Costs by City in a full screen map

Explore the map above to see how much Valentine’s Day costs in each city, based on online florist BLOOMY DAYS’ recent research and World Atlas. Then, read on to see what we’ve taken away from this lovely data.

Big City Spenders

The “Cost total (USD)” is what BLOOMY DAYS discovered popular Valentine’s Day gifts and activities would cost in each of these 50 cities. It includes a dozen red roses, a spa package for two, dinner, drinks, and a movie (with snacks!), and a room at an upscale hotel. Below are the ten cities where the full Valentine’s Day package will cost you the most:

Rank City Country Cost total (USD)
1 Los Angeles USA $1,316.22
2 Venice Italy $1,076.44
3 New York City USA $1,056.66
4 Sydney Australia $1,042.01
5 Zurich Switzerland $1,038.96
6 Melbourne Australia $1,032.79
7 San Francisco USA $1,020.88
8 Boston USA $979.64
9 Washington USA $952.90
10 Geneva Switzerland $952.20

Of the top ten most expensive cities in which to spend Valentine’s Day, five are located in the United States. In fact, celebrating one Valentine’s Day in L.A. costs more than one month’s apartment rent in 1,066 cities across the U.S. We’re not so sure how much rent costs in Australia and Switzerland, but we do know that both of these countries have two cities in the top ten. furthermore, an Italian city claims the #2 spot on the most expensive V-Day list. This isn’t too surprising seeing as Venice is the city of love.

Big City Savers

On the flip side, here are the five cities where you’ll spend the least for a night out on Valentine’s Day:

  • Prague, Czechia — $458.28
  • Cork, Ireland — $485.92
  • Madrid, Spain — $529.88
  • Belfast, U.K. — $565.07
  • Cardiff, U.K. — $569.06

The most important thing to note from the list is that you could buy two plane tickets to Prague, one dozen red roses, a spa package, dinner, drinks, a movie, a nice hotel room, and you would still have enough money to fly back home for the same price as V-Day in L.A.

Countries In Love With Expensive Holidays

We took the average of each country’s cities to determine which country costs the most when it comes to spending a romantic day with a Valentine. While we acknowledge our limited sample size, the average of each country’s cities could still lead to an interesting trend or two. The following five countries cost the most on Valentine’s Day:

  • Australia
  • The U.S.
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Italy

The number one most expensive country for Valentine’s Day is Australia. Australia has two cities on the list: Sydney and Melbourne. Both of these cities are in the top ten most expensive, ranked at #4 and #6 respectively. Together, they average a $1,037.40 Valentine’s Day cost. Next up on the list is the U.S. The U.S. has seven cities on the list of 50, five of which are included in the top ten most expensive. It’s not too much of a shock that the U.S. is the second most expensive country for Valentine’s Day celebrations. The U.S.’s average Valentine’s Day cost is $999.56.

In the case of how much it costs to spend February 14th in Switzerland, the country cannot claim to be neutral. Contrary to the Swiss’s past political leanings they clearly favor Valentine’s Day. There are reports that residents and visitors of Zurich, Geneva, and Basel will have to spend nearly $1,000 in order to celebrate. Zurich is the most expensive of the three, costing $1,038.96. Second is Geneva, where it will cost folks $952.20 for the full Valentine’s Day experience. Finally, those staying in Basel for the holiday can expect to spend $951.92. The average of these three cities comes out to be $981.03., making Switzerland the third most expensive country for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Denmark’s one city on the list, Copenhagen, will cost folks $943.33 for a date night on February 14th, making their average the same. You’ll have to spend some cash on Valentine’s Day when in the country that is home to the city of love as well as Milan, Rome, and Florence. A day of love in Italy will set you back $855.39 on average.

Seven Surprising Cities That Didn’t Make The List

Photo by Drnette

Since Virginia is for lovers, we’d love to see how much February 14th celebrations cost in its capital, Richmond. We’d also go gaga over that same data from cities and towns with names linked to Valentine’s Day. Do residents of Valentine, Arizona get as giddy about their namesake day as the folks of Valentine Island, Australia? How much do popular Valentine’s Day gifts and activities cost in Valentines Beach, New York versus the three cities of Heart’s Content, Heart’s Delight, and Heart’s Desire in Canada? We’d love to know!

To sum it up, if your date suggests you fly to Prague on February 14th, you’ll know it’s because they’re trying to be thrifty. Another way to be thrifty? Make a free map of your retailers or sellers. After that, be sure to embed your new map onto your website.