Maptive: Speed, Spreadsheet Editor, Proximity Search & More

Maptive, the commercial version of Batchgeo, continues with speed improvements to handle larger datasets and rendering of markers (server side clustering) and the launch of our new Spreadsheet Editor – embedded within the admin page of each Maptive map.

More information below or click here for additional screenshots and a full features list.

Maptive Spreadsheet Editor: Paste data directly into the Spreadsheet Editor for one-stop editing, search and sorting capabilities. Need to get your revised data out? Use 'Export' to easily copy and paste data to your spreadsheet software.

Map display Options: Currently includes 5 professionally designed marker choices, and the ability to handle up to 100 categories of grouped markers. Marker bubbles have been redesigned to elegantly display all location based information from your spreadsheet.

Proximity Search: Display locations within a specified radius circle of any selected marker.

Simplified Routing: Select 'Get Directions' from an address marker, then select another marker to show directions between locations.

Additional Maptive Features
• Support & ongoing software/service improvements
• Advertising & BatchGeo branding removed
• Geocode & manage larger numbers of addresses – 5,000 +
• World class hosting by – Awards & Expertise
• Group addresses by customer, sales person, region, etc. – 6+
• Database syncing with map
• Custom marker branding

Maptive screenshots and complete features list >