BatchGeo Earns Spot on G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards

G2’s Annual Best Software Awards ranks the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users—and BatchGeo is a 2022 Best Software Awards winner! Out of thousands of contenders, G2 customers chose BatchGeo as one of the very best.

We’re joined by the likes of Google Earth Pro (#29) and the Google Maps API (#37) in GIS Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Products. View the 50 Best Software CAD & PLM Products or continue on for a demonstration on our winning software.

Gather Location Data for Mapping

It’s human nature to enjoy being recognized for hard work. It’s why the world awards Nobel Prizes and Olympic medals… along with the Best Software Awards! Rather than wax on about the ranking, let’s look at how BatchGeo can help you create information-rich maps from data you already have.

From spreadsheets to tables in web pages or databases, you can paste any structured data with locations into our custom mapping tool. Here’s an example using the headquarters of companies ranked by G2 across several categories (including BatchGeo, in Vancouver, Washington!)

Start with a pretty normal-looking spreadsheet. You may even have an Excel document that looks like this! We added the G2 data to Google Sheets, with separate columns for each piece of information. Most important are columns for city, state, country—or other location data.

You can make your map successfully with just a city or even ZIP code, but mapping accuracy will increase the more information you provide. For example, do you have a list of sales prospects or customers with addresses? You can create a sales map from your data. For our map of G2 winners, we copied and pasted the spreadsheet data into BatchGeo and the mapping tool did the rest.

View 2022 Best Software Awards #1 winners in a full screen map

To try creating your own, see our post on how to prepare your data for a map.

Gain More Insights From Your Maps

Once mapped, trends you may have otherwise missed in “spreadsheet mode” become clearer.

For example, we can see that the G2 list contains 13 U.S. companies, including six based in California, and two in both Washington and Massachusetts. Outside of the U.S., brands headquartered in Australia, Austria, France, and Israel also made the 2022 list of the Best Software Products.

For most users, our free version provides more than enough insight into your data. You’ll see your data points spread out on an easy-to-navigate Google Map. You can choose the colors and shapes of your map’s markers to match your content, adjust your map’s style, and cluster hundreds of markers together.

However, if your mapping needs are higher (think 25,000 markers per map), our Pro plan is available and includes the option for heat maps and more advanced features.

Get started now for free and start seeing your data differently.