New Search Box: Find, filter, go nuts!

We’ve updated our search box to be multifunctioned now. It can still find the nearest location if you type in an address or zip code, but additionally it can now help you filter your map data.

Just start typing into the search box to see suggestions on potential searches and filters. To execute a search, select an item on the the list by either using your mouse, or the arrow keys on your keyboard (if you use your keyboard you will need to hit “Enter” after selecting an item.)

The map will update to include only those results that match your search, and it will zoom closer to the location of them. To zoom in closer you can just keep hitting “Enter” until you are all the way in.

Top 100 Websites Example

We think this is an incredibly powerful feature for folks looking for new ways to filter and search their data, but let us know what you think by posting below.