Map of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

When you think of Hollywood, the physical place in California, a few images come to mind. At the top is likely the giant sign in the hills. Amongst those iconic Hollywood images is likely the Walk of Fame, the sidewalk adorned with literal stars for the famous. Over 2,000 people and groups are honored on the walk, some multiple times.

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The first permanent star was placed in 1960, though it took until 1978 for it to be designated as a cultural monument. Today the Walk encompasses 1.3 miles of Hollywood Blvd and nearly a half mile of Vine St.

The stars are broken into categories, with the majority being for motion pictures (1,134) and television (598). Nearly 42% are for stars of neither large or small screen. Other categories include recording artists (442), radio personalities (243), and live performers (42).

There are also a handful of special types of stars. A mayoral star belongs to Johnny Grant, long-time honorary mayor of Hollywood, who is credited with revitalizing the Walk. Other special stars include the Los Angeles Dodgers, Victoria’s Secret Angels, and Disneyland (in honor of its 50th year).

There are 197 people with two or more stars, denoting their contributions in more than one category honored by the Walk. Gene Autry has five stars, for live performance, motion pictures, radio, recording, and television. It would take 14 minutes to walk along and see all of Autry’s stars (and you’d have to cross the street twice to do so).

Bob Hope and Tony Martin each have four stars. There are 32 people with three stars.

Each category is distributed along the Walk, which means some famous co-stars aren’t that close to each other. There’s half a mile between Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. It’s over a mile between comedians Laurel and Hardy. It’s almost a ten minute walk between Abbott and Costello’s stars. Since both were part of the original group, there’s no argument about who was on first.

Others are remarkably close. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall are just around the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Vine St from each other. There’s just a few feet between Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Many others share stars, such as magicians Penn and Teller, comedians Rowan and Martin, and actors Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Explore the map above to find other insights and to look at only certain categories. If you happen to be on the Walk at this moment, put your nearest address into the search box in the map to find your nearest star using BatchGeo’s store locator feature.