Google changes geocoding quotas

In the last couple of months Google has made changes to the Google Maps API that will effect users of the free version of BatchGeo. Google has previously allowed for up to 2500 geocodes from a single user in a day. It now appears that after 200 geocodes in a row they severely delay subsequent geocodes.

Previously this was just seen in beta version of the API, but starting 3/19/13 this change is being forced in production.

Unfortunately its not clear at this time if this is a bug or an actual change to the quotas. We have logged the issue with Google and will hopefully hear back an answer on it soon.

This does not effect your ability to create maps using BatchGeo Pro (which uses a licensed version of the Google Maps API with different quotas), nor does it effect maps with less than 200 markers. You can create larger than 200 marker maps but it will take a long, long time. Sorry for the inconvenience but it is a situation out of our control.

UPDATE: As a result of these changes from Google we have reduced the number of markers supported in our free version to 250.