Geocoder updates

As a result of Yahoo Maps rolling back some functionality in their geocoder, I have had to get rid of a couple of features on the batch geocoder.

First, you will no longer be able to lookup associated 9 digit zip codes for your address list. I am not sure how many of you were interested in this functionality, if you were a fan of it, I’m sorry. Of course you can always use single free zip+4 lookup services like this one.

Second, the exact precision of the geocoded addresses will not be reported any longer. To help deal with this I have added a new feature, it will let you view the street level location of any point on the map just by clicking on it. It be used in place of an image if you haven’t populated the Image URL field. So you can click on points to verify that they fall on the correct street.

Please feel free to post your feedback on these new changes.