BatchGeo Translations Hit the Map in 148 Countries

The footer on our web pages is growing. Recently we’ve added translations for BatchGeo and currently support 10 languages. Russian, Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional), Portuguese, and Korean are the newest language translations we have available, joining English, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Our powerful batch geocoding and map-making service is now accessible to the billions of people speaking those languages. And because it wouldn’t be BatchGeo without showing you a map, we’ve plotted every country where one of these 10 tongues is an official language.

View Countries Speaking BatchGeo Languages in a full screen map

The 10 languages of BatchGeo cover 148 countries and six continents. And that’s just official languages. We didn’t include the dozens of countries where English, French, German, Spanish, and others are spoken by significant portions of the population.

Nearly half of those countries are covered by our flagship site, which you know from this blog post is written in English. French is the next most common, officially spoken in 29 countries. 21 of those French-speaking countries are in Africa, a product of France’s colonization in the mid-1800s. Similarly, the English, Portuguese, and Dutch are from Britain, Portugal, and Holland’s own colonial efforts on that continent.

The same can be seen in South and Central America with Spanish speaking countries. Indeed, Spanish comes in third-most common with 21 countries represented.

Portuguese and Dutch are next, with 10 and nine countries, respectively. These two are spread far and wide given the fewer countries represented. Each is the official language of one of more country in Europe, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Other languages are more regional. Russian is spoken in some eastern European countries. Mandarin and Korean are each spoken in multiple Asian countries.

Four countries officially speak two or more of the 10 BatchGeo languages. Belgium recognizes Dutch, French, and German. Equatorial Guinea also has three, with French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Switzerland and Luxemborg border both France and Germany, so each have selected both as official languages.

By looking at the map, you can surely see how much of the globe is covered when it comes to batch geocoding in their native tongue. If you happen to speak Japanese, Dutch, French, German, or Spanish, be sure to view the videos, which have also been translated. Now that you’ve read down to the bottom, select your favorite language from the footer to get started.