Category: mapping

Geocoding Intersections

I’ve seen a few users using intersections to geocode against in the geocoder, it works great. Just put the intersection in the “Address” field in the format “ and “, for example:

5th and Main

You of course will still need to use the City and State fields to make sure your intersection is located properly. Its probably good to use street direction and type when available as well. Just append them to each street, i.e.:

SW 5th Ave and SW Main St

I’ve seen this done as a way to highlight sections of highway that obviously don’t have addresses, but do intersect other roads.

Hosting maps on your own site

Want to host your saved map directly on your web site? You can by embedding it in an IFrame. Here is a simple script that demonstrates:

<iframe src=””
frameborder=”0″ width=”770″ height=”775″></iframe>

(Replace the src=”” part with your own map URL)

Just add the code above to the HTML of your web site and your done! If the dimensions of the map don’t match your site, just edit the width and height variables.

UPDATE: You can now override the default css template ( by passing in your own CSS in the URL, ie:

Just put your own css value where “&css=” in the URL. This will let you customize the colors and design to match your own site!