Edit Maps, Disable Ads, Disable Expiration

You can now edit your maps after they are created. Just add your email to the options when you are saving your map initially, you will get an email with a link to edit your map. For existing maps, just use the link you got in the email for deleting (don’t worry it won’t delete your map.)
The new edit screen will give you access to the following new options:

– You can change the title, description, and URL of your map
– You can change the email address associated with your map
– You can change the privacy status of your map
– You can set your map to never expire even if it doesn’t receive page views for over 2 months
– You can disable ads on your saved map

The map screen is also full screen now, which makes for a lot easier map to navigate especially when you have lots of points. You might need to tweak your browser size before printing is the only draw back.

Although the new edit features don’t currently include a way to update the markers, you can set a URL for your map. So next time you want to update your map, you can just delete the old one and set the new map to the old URL. The URL can be anything you like, maybe set it to something easy to remember.

Let me know what you think of these latest features.


Name change

With all the other big changes lately, why not change the name?

I have never liked the name “BatchGeocode” … its not really even a name, its a function. Its kind of old school thinking to name your site after what it does. When this service was first launched geocoding was all it was about, but I think we’ve grown way past that.

So I have had this “batchmap.com” domain name for awhile, and always thought some day I would make the switch. Well the day has come, so welcome to BatchMap.com! Hope you like the new name and new interface tweaks.

BTW, the latest changes are:

– Google Map markers now match those in map
– Draggable markers for fixing problem geocodes
– New host, seems a bit snappier to me


What’s up with Chrome?

I love Chrome. Its just the fastest, most efficient way to surf the web in my opinion.

Ironically, Chrome and other Webkit browsers like Safari, are the only browsers that don’t work well copying and pasting from BatchGeocode.com

Pasting into BatchGeocode from Excel works fine, but pasting back to the spreadsheet produces just one field with all the results in it. A workaround, if you first paste the results to a text editor like notepad, then copy/paste those results into a spreadsheet, it works fine.

I’ve registered the bug here, please post on there too if you feel my pain…