Edit map data on saved maps

New feature alert! This has been a long time coming, the ability to edit map data on your saved map.

I struggled for a long time with the best way to implement this, and eventually decided it would be best if it would work almost exactly like the geocoder screen. All of your data is accessed by editing the underlying tabular dataset in a spreadsheet.

If that sounds complicated, its not! All you do is copy/paste the data into your favorite spreadsheet app and edit it. When you are done, copy/paste the data back into the web page, and run through the validation and map options step. It works just like the home page mapping workflow, except latitude and longitude can be imported so you don’t need to re-geocode everything.

This gives you a ton of flexibility and control over your data, no clicking around proprietary administrative interfaces. Just edit in a spreadsheet, paste in, and go!

You can also drag markers around on the edit map screen to fine tune their location if the geocoding wasn’t accurate, same as the front page workflow.

The new edit interface is available to maps created starting March 13th (you will automatically get emailed the URL.) Please give it a try and let me know your comments.